Small Hotel Royal

Small Hotel Royal is a boutique hotel, offering high class comfort and services, in the centre of Padua, a culturally rich city, founded by the Trojan prince Antenore.

Padua has always been the host of important characters and events of our history: Galileo Galilei built an astronomic tower to observe the stars, Giotto transformed a little chapel with his frescoes in an art masterpiece, the great frate Santo Antonio who in Padua lived, accomplishing so many of his well doing, and, for that reason, has been honoured with the beautiful Basilica built in his name.

Padua also has so many other amazing sites and monuments such as the biggest square and most beautiful in Europe: Prato della Valle and one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Europe. The enchanting and unique Venice is only 30 km away easily reachable by local and frequent trains (35 minutes trip). Or you may travel by car and drive through the Brenta's Riviera and visit its magnificent Villas.